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Synth ARP 2600 v1.3.2
Requirements: Android 2.2 and above
Insight: Bristol version of the famous semi-modular ARP-2600 “Blue Meanie” synthesizer



Bristol version of the famous ARP-2600 “Blue Meanie” semi-modular synthesizer with 3 oscillators, filter, 2 envelopes, noise, ring-mod, electro-switch, signal processing, FX and fully reroutable using patch cables.

It works on all my handsets, but charging can push the limits. A tablet version with modified high-resolution graphics will follow. You’ve been warned: it’s a bit overkill for a phone but a lot of fun.

Built-in sequencing is included for major filter adjustments, output can be saved to SD card and ringtones, etc.

The app supports X/Y accelerometer for pitch and mod, multitouch and zoom interface functions. The interface has options for analog-style filters and rich oscillators, but these will consume additional CPU cycles. The interface has a floating piano keyboard under the zoom setting.

Zooming the interface can be done either with the trackball (Nexus/HTC have them) or enable multitouch via the menu then tap the screen with two fingers at the same time – this will zoom in/out on the interface. There’s also a floating “zoom” button in the corner as gestures get in the way with active interfaces.

Patches are saved to the SD card with factory sounds, there is an export and import option to swap patches.

The emulator will, by default, attempt to run with a set of options that will give reasonable quality and the lowest possible latency/lag. The audio quality can be adjusted with the menu options, but the lowest possible latency for almost all Android devices is currently 42ms, on my HTC Desire it is 70ms. If you understand what that means, the value might seem quite high, but the app is still a lot of fun.

Tested on HTC Desire/2.2, LG Optimus 2x/2.2, SE Xperia Arc/2.3, Emulator engages. The Arp2600 is part of a family of emulators from the same author.

Twitter @bristolaudio

What’s new:


– HiRes skins for tablets.

– Tired of reverb? You can finally turn it off, not sure why this fix took so long…

– Default in zoom mode.

– Various fixes, including sequence button state errors.

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