Galaxy Max Hz v8.0.0.10 [Premium] Free for Android

Galaxy Max Hz v8.0.0.10 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.1 and above
Insight: Easily control the maximum refresh rate (Hz) of Android devices with multiple refresh rates (e.g. note20 ultra, s20/S20+/S20Ultra, z fold 2, s21/s21+/s21Ultra, tab S7/S7+).


Refresh Rate Mods

Change Default Refresh Rates
– Easily change global refresh rate settings for devices that support multiple refresh rates.
– Set supported average refresh rates as maximum refresh rate limit to save battery (e.g. 96Hz instead of 120Hz).
– Quick settings shortcut
– Tasker plugin support.

Motion smoothness mode selector (Normal, Adaptive or High)***
– Set your device’s motion smoothness mode to stationary refresh rates (high mode) for better smoothness if desired on Samsung devices with native adaptive motion smoothness with a small compromise on battery.
– Apply adaptive mod on device that does not natively support adaptive mode [premium]
– Tasker plugin support.

Refresh rate settings per application:
Set different refresh rate settings for each application, whether adaptive or fixed (stationary) [premium].

Motion smoothness in power saving mode (not working on all devices with OneUI4.**+, test first). ***
– GMH will apply a workaround to circumvent the 60Hz limitation of Power Saving Mode (PSM) on supported Samsung smartphones.
– Automatically apply workaround when PSM is enabled [premium]

Note: Out of the box work stoppage on Note 20 Ultra updated to OneUI4.*.​
Additional steps to bypass restriction on OneUI4.*. After selecting Adaptive or High in GMH in power saving mode, do one of the following:​
– Make a quick fake video call to any number using the stock video call app (not Google Duo). Availability depends on network support
– Connect and disconnect from a wifi display or miracast receiver (e.g. smart tv, chromecast, windows laptops) using the Smart View feature (credits to @albiGib and @rblckmnjr84 for sharing the discovery)​

Mods without screen:

Force to lowest Hz: Force lowest refresh rate on screen off or always on display (AOD). This replaces Samsung’s weird stock behavior of setting the refresh rate to highest on the screen (update: it’s now 60Hz since OneUI3.0) to improve standby power consumption a bit.
– Tasker plugin support

Automatically apply power saving mode during screen off (after ~10 seconds)***

Automatically disable automatic synchronization***

Rapid Sleep Mod
– Quickly enter drowsiness mode during screen off which cannot be interrupted by motion [premium].***
– Tasker plugin support

Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround)
– Device sensors automatically turn off when the screen is turned off until the device is unlocked to help minimize motion-triggered alarm clocks that drain the battery when the device is not in use .
– Tasker plugin support

Battery Protection Mod (Experimental)
– Possibility to set the maximum load to 86% to 95% (for OneUI4+)[premium]

Quick resolution selector
– Easily switch to all supported resolutions using the included quick setting thumbnail***
– Tasker plugin support

Customizable refresh rate monitor
– Use status bar or overlay which you can place anywhere on the screen.
– Tasker plugin support.

Net speed status bar indicator

User interface inspired by OneUI. Dynamic theme and icon. Manual language selection

Note: Premium license is per device (not per user).

*** these marked features require a unique ADB procedure (it’s not root)

The Galaxy Max Hz background service is highly optimized. The battery usage in the background p is very negligible.

Info: This app targets older Android SDKs to control framerates without ADB or root configuration. Just tap OK on the dialog box that says “This app was made for an older version of Android….” when it’s first opened. If the OK button is not visible, just tap the empty space in the lowest part of the dialog box.

Edited by Timozhai

Note: It is advised to uninstall the previous version before installing this mod.

What’s new:
– Fixed a bug where per-app settings were not restored after turning the screen off and on.

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