Slopes: Ski & Snowboard v2023.5 [Premium] Free for Android

Tracks: Ski & Snowboard v2023.5 [Premium]
Requirements: 8.0 and later
Insight: Take your snow days to a whole new level! Discover a wealth of detailed stats (and bragging rights) about your days skiing and snowboarding, record your memories, and replay your winter adventures with Slopes. Get the best ski tracking experience on Android:


SMART RECORDING – Tap the recording, then forget about it.
Slopes automatically detects lifts and works for you all day, just by leaving the phone in your pocket. And don’t worry, Slopes is easy on the battery, so you can ride all day without missing a beat.

DETAILED STATISTICS – Know everything about your day.
Discover a wealth of information on your performance, so you can see exactly how you’re improving from season to season. Know your speed, elevation, running times, distance, etc. Find out how good you are and how you are still improving.

TRAIL MAPS AND SNOW CONDITIONS – Your pocket guide, on and off the mountain.
Never get lost again with access to digital trail maps right in your pocket. And before you go, find out what other Slopes riders are saying about the quality of the snow at the ski resort.

FRIENDLY COMPETITIONS – A new layer of competition and fun.
Add your friends and compete against 8 different stats throughout the season. These leaderboards (and your account) are 100% private, so you don’t have to worry about strangers spoiling the fun.

Feel safe knowing that Slopes never sells your data and features are always designed with privacy and security in mind. In Slopes accounts are optional and signing in with Google is supported when you create one.

Questions? Feedback? Use the “Help and Support” section of the app or visit


The free version of Slopes is ad-free and truly free. You won’t waste battery, cellular data or your time on ads. And you get all the basic features you’ve come to expect and love: unlimited tracking, key stats and day summary, timed replays on generic maps, station data, online trail maps, snow conditions, previews at life, and more.

Take it to the next level with Slopes Premium. If you fancy more than your daily totals, Slopes Premium unlocks stats for every run (the full timeline view) and powerful insights into your performance:
• View your estimated stats for each race in real time.
• Find out where you maxed out and what your best run was with interactive winter maps and speed speed maps on the timeline.
• Know that you will always have a card, even without cellular reception. With Slopes Premium, you will be able to save all of the resort’s slope maps available in the app offline.


Slopes covers over 750 resorts in North America, from Breckenridge, Whistler, Vail, Park City, Keystone, Alta Ski Area, to small independent resorts.

You can find trail maps and information for thousands of resorts around the world. There’s also station data such as elevation and a breakdown of trail difficulty, as well as information on what kind of stats you can expect to get in a day (like how long you’ll spend on lifts mechanical versus downhill) based on other Slopes cyclists.

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What’s new:
– OpenSnow integration! Resort snowfall forecasts are now powered by OpenSnow and include temperature estimates.
– For more details beyond the 5-day snowfall estimate, you can tap to go directly to OpenSnow (either on the web or on the installed app).

Can I just nerd for a second? OpenSnow is my go-to for forecasts. I’m super excited to bring their data to you all. Be sure to head over to them and sign up to view their full data (this is not a sponsored post).

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