Wizrogue – Labyrinth of Wizardry v2.0.3 + Mod Free for Android

Wizrogue – Labyrinth of Sorcery v2.0.3 + Mod
Requirements: 4.0
Insight: The legendary RPG Wizardry is reborn as a Rogue-like game. Terrifying monsters and countless traps stand in your way.


Endless eerie labyrinths filled with terrifying monsters and countless traps to ensnare adventurers. Your destiny is between your hands ! Never far behind are deadly battles and the creeping fear of being ensnared alive. Take on the Labyrinths with your own powerful party! Collect and train characters, build your own powerful party, modify the items you find, and battle through mazes!

A new nostalgic experience is here!

There was a time when mad kings and great wizards fought over magical artifacts. A time when stories of dragons and their thirst for treasure weren’t stories at all.
That is, until they fade into legend and the Kingdom of Ardème is born. Yet the road to prosperity is strewn with pitfalls – a nauseating mist sweeps the land. Its rotten reach was not unlimited, however. An infinite source of divine protection has been found flowing from a single sacred cup: holy water. Nevertheless, the kingdom’s demise was sealed when King Arthur’s closest confidant, the high wizard Ambrosius, was bitten by a vampire lord and fled the land with the sacred cup in hand, never to be seen again.
With the fall of the once mighty kingdom, Miasma ravaged the land without mercy. Ardéme has become a desolate and uninhabitable land, and with nothing to control its evil, malevolence has reached neighboring Camrone. Ardéme’s heir to the throne, the young Prince Danjaq, obtained refuge with the ruler of Camrone, Duke Baudricourt. Dreaming year after year of reclaiming the cup, when the time came to face Ambrosius, he met the same fate as his father.
The Miasma grew denser, hungrier, and more potent day by day, spouting countless mysterious Labyrinths strewing the land. Baudricourt, determined to see an end to the crisis, assembled an investigative force. Many lost their lives, as he discovered too late that the Miasma possessed the power to manipulate the Labyrinths to act on his ill will, and without enough holy water to protect his troops, they were like lambs led to death. slaughterhouse. As his numbers rapidly dwindled, Baudricourt ordered his overseer, Alah’wi, to send a message to the four corners of the land… “To arms, brave adventurers, heed the call of duty!”

Thus begins the era of adventurers. A story of holy water, miasma and labyrinths!

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Code: Select Allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.forever.wizrogue2

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(Closed File Host) https://ul.to/0f551ze9

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(Closed File Host) https://ul.to/yhmgk1cq


(Closed File Host) https://ul.to/vq1v504n

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